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    A busy day in Topaz class creating two Anglo Saxon villages!!

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    • Tudor Houses September 29, 2020
      Topaz had fun this afternoon learning about Tudor timber framed buildings. Did you know ……..that because land was so expensive in towns and cities Tudor builders had the ingenious idea of building the first floor, and sometimes the second floor, wider than the ground floor. This created an overhang, which was called a jetty or […]
    • Round ‘em up or down ? September 29, 2020
      Topaz class had a blast of fresh air this morning practising rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.
    • Opal Classes week in the sun September 24, 2020
      Fire making Monday Following the winter solstice this Monday, Opal Class decided to make the most of the lovely sunny weather while we still have it. On Monday we searched high and low to find the tools and materials to build our own Stone Age fires. We set off in groups of 6 to find […]
    • Our Classroom September 23, 2020
      As promised, here are some photographs of our lovely classroom. We also have our family pictures up in our home corner; the children really enjoy showing their family picture to their friends.
    • Diamond Class Visitor! September 23, 2020
      Diamond class had this little visitor come to say hello to us all last week! We really enjoyed seeing him so close.
    • Opal Class Election Fever September 17, 2020
      Yesterday in opal class the tensions were high, the ballot boxes had opened and election fever had set in. 13 brave children stepped forward and stated their interest in the roll of Opal Class Safeguarding Officer. They had 5 minutes to create a heartfelt speech that touched the hearts of their peers and inspired them […]
    • What is the digestive system and why is it so important? September 16, 2020
      Today in Science we had a lot of fun learning about the function of different parts of the digestive system. We used a slice of bread to help us understand what happens at various stages. It got a bit messy at some points!!!!
    • Tudor Clothing September 15, 2020
      By looking carefully at Tudor paintings, Topaz class were able to identify some important facts about Tudor fashions and styles. The most surprising thing we discovered was that young rich boys and girls wore girl’s clothes and that children wore the same fashions as their parents! We also noticed that the ‘v’ shape was very […]
    • Internet Safety  September 15, 2020
      Topaz class have been revisiting how to stay safe online this week by focusing on 5 safety rules. They created posters for us to display around the classroom to remind each other about keeping safe. The 5 safety rules are: 1. NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE. 2. Always tell a teacher or parent if you […]
    • Internet Safety September 15, 2020