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    Welcome to Reception!


    Reception is the first class that children attend when starting at Sound and District Primary School. It is a very fun and exciting year! 

    We love getting to know all the new starters and helping the children to become happy and settled in their new surroundings. As well as learning new educational skills, children work on becoming members of a new school community. Children learn to form new friendships, develop independence, follow structures and routines and to let their personalities shine! Reception is a creative, fun and warm environment to explore and learn in. The curriculum has play at its heart; we support children to develop lots of skills through play based activities.

    Further information about starting school can be found at the bottom of this page under the link ‘New Starter Information’.

    Overview of Reception

    Reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in their learning. The EYFS is a framework which outlines children’s early development from birth until the summer after they have turned 5 years old. Learning opportunities are designed to support children’s development across the seven areas of learning. These seven areas are:

    1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    2. Physical Development
    3. Communication and Language

    4. Literacy
    5. Mathematics
    6. Understanding the World
    7. Expressive Arts and Design

    Our learning environment is organised into different areas to support learning for children in our class. Our indoor and outdoor areas allow children the opportunity to access many resources and activities to build on their experiences. We also utilise our extensive school grounds in our learning. We love learning in the classroom under the sky!

    To support Reception children, they will have opportunities to work with different people throughout the day. At times children will work with an adult to support specific skills. This may be completed individually, in pairs or as a small group.

    Class Blogs

    RSS Diamond Class – Sound and District Primary School blog

    Diamond Class is taught by Mrs Styles.

    Miss Williams-Day  is our wonderful Teaching Assistant.

    It is a privilege to support the Reception children as they learn about the world around them. Reception is a joyful place to be!

    Please find details below about key information linked to Reception learning including curricular guides and information about the Early Years Foundation Stage.

    Reception assessment

    Maths guide

    Phonics guide

    Phonics Workshop

    Writing guide

    In Reception we set out learning based on broad topics which become filled with the children’s ideas for how and what they would like to learn. We choose quality texts to support our topic learning and where possible, incorporate other learning areas so that learning is purposeful and motivating for the children. Our topics for the year are set out as:

    Autumn 1 half term Autumn 2 half term Spring 1 half term Spring 2 half term Summer 1 half term Summer 2 half term
    Settling in and learning routines



    Bonfire Night

    Festivals, light and Colour

    Winter (Christmas)

    Winter Wonderland



    Fairytales and Traditional Tales


    Farm/New Life


    Under the Sea/Seaside

    Choice topic

    Topics may change based on children’s interests

    We love to gather the children’s ideas for learning and help this to plan engaging activities for them to complete. We provide weekly learning updates on our weekly class letter which gets sent home.

    Please see the attachment link below which further details topic information:

    Reception Topic Overview 2019 20

    Please find the information from the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening.

    Meet the Teacher Reception

    Reception handbook

    For useful links for games and activities please see links below or the Kidszone section of the website.  

    Please find attached some useful links about starting school. We know it can be a big change to move to ‘big school’ but we want to help make this jump as smooth as possible! 



    Supporting new intake into Reception during COVID 19 Pandemic 2