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  • The Governing Board

    The Governing Board of Sound and District Primary School has a pivotal role in the life and work of our school. It is represented by 3 parent governors, 1 local authority governor, a member of staff the Headteacher and 8 volunteers from the local and wider community. The role of the Governing Board is defined by the The School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012.

    They exercise three key functions:

    1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
    2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
    3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

    Governors undertake their roles and responsibilities through committees.  They are:


    meets Chaired by
    Full Governing Board 3 times a year Dr Anthony Shuker
    Achievements and Standards committee 3 times a year Dr Anthony Shuker
    Resources committee 3 times a year Mrs Anna Bates
    Finance sub committee 6 times a year Dr Anthony Shuker
    Pay Panel annually Mrs Anna Bates
    Headteacher performance review panel 3 times a year Dr Anthony Shuker

    In addition, we have ‘lead governors’ who undertake specific monitoring roles in such areas as Safeguarding, Pupil Premium, Special Educational Needs, as well as ‘link governors’ focusing on specific curriculum areas.

     The main work of the governing board is outlined below:

    • Setting and reviewing the schools values, aims and ethos
    • Setting and reviewing a number of the schools policies
    • Undertaking the Headteacher performance management
    • Monitoring of staff appraisal
    • Monitoring the well-being of staff and pupils
    • Continuing to improve the standards of teaching and pupil achievement
    • Setting the school’s budget and monitoring expenditure
    • Interview and appointing the headteacher
    • Interview and appointing teachers and support staff
    • Acting as a link between the local community and the school
    • Dealing with complaints about the school
    • Drawing up an action plan after inspection and monitoring the success of the plan.

    We have provided a Register of Governor Interests for your information

    See Meet the Governors to view the members of the Governing Board

    Committee Overviews

    Full Governing Board

    • Monitor and agree changes to instrument of government including terms of office
    • Appoint, suspend or remove governors in accordance with Regulations
    • Hold at least three governing board meetings a year
    • Regulate procedures of meetings e.g. code of conduct
    • Appoint or remove the Chair and Vice-Chair
    • Appoint or remove a Clerk to the governing board
    • Establish the committees of the governing board and their terms of reference
    • Decide which functions of the governing board will be delegated to committees, groups and individuals and review the delegation arrangements annually
    • Appoint the Chair of any committee (this is delegated to committee)
    • Appoint or remove a Clerk to each committee (this is delegated to the committee)
    • Appoint associate members to committees and determine their voting rights
    • Appoint link or designated governors, including performance management governors
    • Ensure Headteacher provides such reports as requested by the governing board to undertake its role
    • Receive reports from any individual or committee to whom a decision has been delegated and to consider whether any further action by the governing board is necessary
    • Ensure requirements within Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education are met
    • Approve the formal budget plan of the financial year (currently delegated to sub committee)
    • Monitor and keep under review School Development Plan
    • Approve Self Evaluation form
    • Approve written description of financial systems and procedures in line with LA’s scheme for financing schools
    • Ensure school works within SFVS
    • Publish proposals for alteration, change of category or closure of school
    • Recruit Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher
    • Determine arrangements for recruitment of other members of staff
    • Participate in school self-review process including review of Governing Board effectiveness
    • Decide on decision to federate or form joint committees with other school Governing Bodies
    • Any items which individual governing bodies may wish to include
    • Agree school term dates
    • Agree school visits

    Achievements and Standards

    The terms of reference for the Achievements and Standards committee are available here


    The terms of reference for the Resources committee are available here

    Finance sub committee

    As a sub committee the terms of reference are part of the Resources committee

    Pay Panel

    The terms of reference for the pay panel are available here

    Headteacher performance review panel

    • Arrange to meet with the School Improvement Partner (SIP) to discuss the Headteacher’s performance management and review in accordance with current regulations;
    • To decide, with the support of the SIP, whether targets have been met and set new targets annually;
    • Monitor throughout the year the performance of the Headteacher against the targets;
    • Make recommendations to the pay review committee (or pay review sub-committee, whichever system is adopted) in respect of pay progression for the successful meeting of targets set.


    Governor Diversity

    As a maintained school we have a duty to recognise that diverse thoughts, voices and perspectives is essential to good governance and the effective running of any organisation.
    Sound and District Primary School believes it is important that the Governing board reflect the school community it serves. Diverse boards promote inclusive school environments and provide diverse role models for staff and children.
    Collectively, we gather data on the diversity of our governors, including data on age, gender and ethnicity. We will use that data to inform recruitment and training needs and ensure there is always a diverse range of perspectives around the table to support robust decision making.