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  • Curriculum Evening

    At Sound and Primary school, we believe that a strong and effective school-home partnership is crucial. Each year we plan in a Curriculum Evening, where we can show the parents what strategies we used to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding In a variety of subjects. Please see below some of our events so far and resources we share.

    Primary Writing Project Event

    Our first curriculum evening was a great success, lots of parents turned up for the event. Please see additional materials below which were shared with parents.






    Primary Writing Parent Handouts

    Reading and Phonics Event

    Our second curriculum evening was based on phonics and our new initiative accelerated reader. This gave the parents a flavour of what techniques and strategies we use in school to support our children in their learning.

    Feedback on our Event

    Curriculum Workshop – KS2 Reading

    “The curriculum workshop was particularly useful in providing different techniques and strategies on how to support my child’s reading comprehension at home. Rather than discuss the events of a story like I once did with my child, I learnt simple comprehension exercises that specifically focus on word meaning and understanding of text. Techniques such as predicting what happens next in a story, analysing a character in a picture with no text, or simply discussing how a character feels at a certain point, really help add variety to the guided reading at home. During the workshop we also had the opportunity to complete a Star Reading test which provided parents with a good insight into what the children have to complete in school and a greater understanding of the output of these tests. 

    Overall, I felt that the workshop really helped align my parental support with the learning provided in class. “

    Year 6 Parent

    KS2 accelerated reader
    KS1 Reading
    KS1 Phonics






    Phonics and Reading Handouts