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  • 2 Whitchurch Rd, Sound, Nantwich CW5 8AE
  • Mission, Vision and Aims

    Our Mission, Vision and Aims:

     ‘Our children are the future’ 


    ‘To ensure all of our pupils feel safe and maintain positive feelings towards school, relationships and their own well-being. We aim to give every child the tools they need to be successful individuals maintaining their health, self-motivation and purpose even in times of diversity.’


    • All of our children, regardless of prior attainment or background will get an excellent education that will prepare them for the next stage in their education pathway.
    • Our children will leave our school having developed compassion, honesty, fairness, tolerance and the bravery to take risks whilst avoiding harm to themselves or others. They will understand the concept of duty to others.
    • We will ensure we have great teachers in every classroom that are confident and feel supported in their role, and are willing to innovate for the benefit of our children.
    • Great leaders will run our school and exist at the heart of our system.
    • Will will empower pupils and parents to be involved in their education or that of their child, promoting and acting upon feedback.
    • We will embrace the local community to ensure that the school remains a focus for our neighbours.


    Securing the foundations for our children on their journey through life

    Opportunities to work together with parents and the wider community

    Utilising the rural outdoor learning environment

    Nurturing our children, inspiring them to be confident, respectful and resilient

    Developing life skills, values, teamwork and a love for learning.

    Our Sound Superstars 

    Here at Sound we are proud of our school and all that we accomplish whether that is individually or as a whole. We work very hard in the classroom, achieving excellent academic results. However, just as important as results are the opportunities for the children to excel in activities outside the classroom.

    At Sound we firmly believe that learning is not fixed and that we can build on our learning by understanding not just what to learn but how to learn.

    As part of our aims and values at Sound  and within all of our teaching and learning we aim to shine brightly as Sound Superstars.

    We encourage our community to work together towards our common goals, maximising everyone’s strengths.

    Team Player

    We encourage our community to work together towards our common goals, maximising everyone’s strengths.


    We will be resilient in all the adventures and challenges we face and never give up.


    To develop the skills to become independent individuals.


    To be curious about the world around us: asking questions and exploring answers.


    To be thoughtful, caring individuals, who create a nurturing environment for each other.

    Wellbeing Warrior

    We encourage ourselves and others to look after our/their wellbeing and help them to understand their emotions