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  • 2 Whitchurch Rd, Sound, Nantwich CW5 8AE
  • Children’s Welcome

    Head Boy and Girl

    Hi, I’m Billie the Head Girl”.

    “Welcome to Sound and District Primary School. Being here is like being part of a huge family. So if you are new here, you’re guaranteed to be greeted with big happy smiles”.

    “Hi, I’m Jake the Head boy”.

    “Our school is very supportive and the teachers are very friendly. We’ve got a lot of space outside to play, everybody is encouraged to do sport no matter how good you are. It’s a very happy fun place to be!”

    We hope you’ll enjoy looking round our School Website, if you’d like to come and visit us you are very welcome!”

    What our children think – What do you like most about our school?

    “Watch us interviewing Mrs Minshall-Thomas: here.

    I get to learn new words and numbers!
    Our school is lots of fun! we love the Residentials!
    I love doing the Golden Mile!
    I love that we get to go on Residentials!
    I love my Science and Art lessons !
    I love learning with my friends!