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    Curriculum statement

    At Sound and District Primary School, we are passionate about supporting children to develop their skills and knowledge through the programmes of Geography and History. We appreciate and highlight the lifelong skills these subjects can teach us, sharing subject skills, knowledge and experiences to help us to learn more about who we are and the world around us. We learn in these subjects through topic studies, usually with a geographical or historical focus. We understand that through topic work, we undertake the work in the chosen subject, learning about the tools and skills required by both geographers and historians. 

    Our aim is for the children to develop their understanding of places and environments. Through their geography work they learn about the local area and they compare their life in this area with that in other parts of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. They learn skills such as fieldwork techniques, research skills and map reading while asking and answering a range of geographical questions. Educational visits and residential visits provide children with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills further.
    Our history programme aims to stimulate the children’s interest and understanding of the past and create a sense of chronology by studying key events and people. We also provide them with the opportunity to appreciate how things have changed over time. Children are encouraged to develop their skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis and evaluation through the use of both primary and secondary sources to find out about the past. Educational visits also support and extend their experiences of the period of history being covered.
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    Please find the information from the National Curriculum for the subjects of Geography and History.

    Geography National Curriculum

    History National Curriculum