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  • Coronovirus

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    School Risk Assessment click on the link below

    Risk Assessment SOUND- September 2020

    Risk Assessment SoundandDistrictCOVID



    Remote Learning Plan 2021

    Contingency plan Sound and District NOV2020 (1)

    School Contigency plan updated September 2021

    Microsoft Teams Parent Help Guides


    parent guide on how to send a message to the teacher

    Receiving and Joining a scheduled Video call from your class teacher

    Sound Parent Guide to Using MS Teams updated 21


    Please find below links and documents to support parents and children during the Coronovirus. 

    Parent Handbook and Photos



    COVID Parent Guide September 2020

    Information for children 

    Variety’s guide to making your own sensory kit FINAL

    Childrens Coronavirus Fact Sheet -National

    https://www.earlyyearsstorybox.com/corona/ – A storybook and activities to support your child during the Coronovirus.


    Corona Virus Info for Young Children.pdf

    Coronavirus Social Story.198698411

    Helping Children Cope with Stress -Coronavirus.198698411



    What is Covid 19?

    KS2 What Is Coronavirus Daily News PowerPoint

    What is social distancing?

    Social distancing is vital to helping stop the spread of coronavirus. There are resources to help children and young people understand why it’s so important.

    The GOV.UK site has guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK.

    Royal College of Occupational Therapists  –  advice for parents who are socially distancing with children.

    Young Minds –  tips for young people on how to cope with social distancing.

    Further resources can be found below


    A video version of a children’s book about social distancing called Time to Come In, Bear  – https://youtu.be/DA_SsZFYw0w