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  • The School Day & Travel

    The school day:

    The school day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3.00pm. Afterschool clubs run from 3.00pm to 4.00pm and collection is from the playground. Information on Afterschool clubs can be found here. 

    Outdoor Fun, a private nursery on site offers wrap-around care before and after school, further information can be found here.

    Travelling to school by car:

    The parent carpark is located on Wrenbury Heath Road, where a secure pathway leads past the school orchard and playing fields into the playground where the school day starts and finishes. 

    “Early Drop 

    The School offers an “Early Drop” service at the school playground at 8.20 a.m. where children are greeted by a member of staff and are supervised until the bell goes at 8:30am.  This enables parents to drop off quickly and efficiently, and eases the flow of the car park. Parents are asked to wait until a member of staff is on the playground at 8:20am before leaving their child to return to the car park. 

     Travelling to school by school bus:

    Children living in the catchment area and over a certain distance from school may be eligible for the free school bus. Further information can be found on Cheshire East’s transport page found here.

    The children are greeted by a member of staff at the bus stop in the layby at the front of the school and safely escorted into school. A register is taken and a note of children travelling on the school bus in the afternoon.  If your child comes to school by a different method but intends to take the bus home, please can you let the School Office know before 10am so that they can be added to the bus register for the afternoon. 

    Travelling to school on foot:

    For safety, we would encourage all parents and children to access the school using the car park and secure pathway into school accessed via Wrenbury Heath Road. 

    Entering the school during the day:

    During the day the school gate at the end of the playground is locked to ensure the safeguarding of the children. When school performances or activities have been scheduled, the gate to the playground will either be unlocked or accessible via a member of staff.

    Parents entering the school outside these times should park in the parent carpark and walk on the pavement to Whitchurch Road.  Please support the safeguarding of our children by not parking in the lay-by outside school. This is the designated area for the children to safely access the school bus, and access must also be kept clear in case of emergencies.   

    If you have any questions or suggestions for other information that would be helpful please do not hesitate to contact us.