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    Welcome to Onyx Class
    (Year 5&6)


    Mrs Booth (was Newton)

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Coleman

    I am Mrs Booth (some may know me as Mrs Newton still!) and I am the Year 5/6 Class Teacher. I am joined by the wonderful Mrs Coleman, who is our Teaching Assistant, Maths expert, musical wonder, Science professor and generally our everything!

    What makes us us!

    Onyx class consists this year of Year 5 & 6 pupils. These years are some of the most exciting, dynamic years of a child’s education. The children are on the cusp of becoming young adults, developing their inquisitive minds ready to question and challenge the world around them.

    We aim to empower the children with the confidence to face the challenges and new situations that lie ahead-not just this year, but beyond Sound Primary.

    Year 5 & 6 really is an action packed time, with so many opportunities for the children to immerse themselves in-much more than just SATs! We believe that by the end of the year the pupils will have much to celebrate and reflect on, not just academically but personally too. Highlights of the year will include: cross-curricular learning experiences, opportunities to become invaluable school captains, trips, sporting and musical successes, leavers events, performances….not to mention the Onyx class trip to PGL & France!

    Onyx class aims to support and encourage our pupils to take pride in their time at primary school, leaving with happy memories, friendships and the confidence to achieve their potential in the next chapter of their lives.

    Important things that make us tick!


    Onyx class love to read! Every child in Onyx class is part of the Accelerated Reader Programme. We have a wide range of books, both fiction & non-fiction for pupils to choose from and each child is expected to read a minimum of 5 times per week, completing a ‘quiz’ within 24 hours of finishing their book. Currently, pupils quiz first thing in the morning in school, however in the event of a local/national lockdown, pupils will be allowed to quiz independently at home in order to keep up their wonderful enthusiasm. The pupils aim to achieve 100% in their quizzes and join the 100% club, gaining special treats and bonuses throughout the year! I wonder how many consistent 100%ers we’ll have this year?!


    Each child is given a diary at the start of the academic year. These diaries are our key to great communication! Children are expected to bring these diaries (as well as their reading books) into school & take them home EVERY day. Any messages from parents or staff will be added to their books, including weekly spellings, test results/targets/Accelerated Reader quiz results etc. Mrs Coleman and I check the diaries every Friday. In Onyx class, children are expected to take ownership of their diaries by writing in them themselves when they have read, as well as completing weekly reviews of their learning.

    Friction Pens

    In Onyx Class, it is expected that ALL pupils use legible, neat joined up handwriting in ALL areas of the curriculum. Each child needs their own blue Friction pen. If you are struggling to buy them, please send in £2 to Mrs Cotterell as she has a secret stash of them in her cupboard!


    We are passionate about physical activity in Year 5&6 and strive to get active and outdoors as much as possible. Our assigned PE afternoon every week is a Friday, so children are allowed to come to school wearing their kit for the duration of the day. Please make sure that they wear a white T-shirt, black or navy shorts/jogging bottoms and either our school jumper or a black/navy hoody. No Football kits should be worn. In addition to Fridays, we include an additional session of activity every day. This is important in order to keep the children (and staff) fresh, help them to transition back into school after home-schooling, to maintain positive mental health and attitudes and to ensure all our children understand the importance of daily activity/exercise in order for them to forge good habits for future life.

    New spellings are sent home every Friday. Your children stick these into their diaries. Please ensure your child practises these spellings as much as possible in as many different ways as possible. This is vital in helping them to not just put them into their short term memories for a test, but into their long term memories for life! Following a spelling test, your child will highlight their spellings in their diaries pink or green depending on how they did. If there are any green spellings, please set aside a time at home to practice these and ensure they go back and practice these throughout the year. Again, this is vital to help aid memory retention.


    After half term, the children will be bringing home homework in addition to their reading and spellings. Homework will be set from classwork, so all children will know exactly what to do. We also spend time going over expectations in class. Please make sure you set high expectations for your child’s work at home. All written work needs to be completed in Friction pen and set out neatly and how we expect it in the classroom. This is an ideal time to help independence as well. By setting a time, an area where they can concentrate and be free from distraction and by checking their work afterwards, your child will begin to become more independent and take more responsibility for their work/learning. Homework is expected to be returned by the following Wednesday at the latest. Please encourage your child to complete their homework early on and bring it in on the Monday, as this teaches them to stick to deadlines and not let work build up causing higher anxiety and stress levels.


    Year 5&6 have many trips throughout their time at Sound, but non of them beat our Residentials to St Omer, France and PGL! These trips are a vital part of gaining self-confidence, independence, resilience, teamwork and for us all to bond as one big family! 

    Geography & History

    We love our Geography & History focuses! Please see below what we will be covering this year:


    Class Blogs

    RSS Onyx Class – Sound and District Primary School blog

    • Ever tried mummifying a tomato?!😱 October 15, 2020
      Ever tried mummifying a tomato???? Well, Onyx Class did today! After studying how the Ancient Egyptians prepared their dead for the afterlife, we all got stuck in: pulling out the insides of our tomato’s; cleansing them in antibacterial gel to remove any bacteria and then embalming them in an equal mixture of salt and bicarbonate […]
    • 💕Different family, same love 💕 October 14, 2020
      In PSHE, Onyx class have been thinking about families. We realised that everyone’s family is different and that even though they come in all shapes and sizes, family is still important and special. On Friday, we can’t wait to write our own story books for our buddies…😍
    • What would your death mask look like? October 14, 2020
      Today, Year 5 and 6 got their hands dirty sculpting their own Egyptian ‘death masks’ as part of their Art project this half term with Mrs Huntbach. They have been studying and sketching self portraits looking at the features before moving on to the making their own. We can’t wait to see the finished products! […]
    • Unicorn Watch! October 14, 2020
      This morning we all became experts for ‘Unicorn Watch’! After studying the Storm Unicorn and inferring more details about them, we videoed each other being interviewed! It was great fun! Afterwards, we watched our film clips back to see how well we spoke and whether our information was precise and coherent! Roll on tomorrow…..
    • Anglo Saxons v Egyptians October 8, 2020
      Today we have been casting our memories back to last year when we studied the Anglo Saxons in Y4/5. We have been finding similarities and differences between this civilisation and the Ancient Egyptians especially focussing on their farming, equipment, crops, animals, diet and settlements. Here are a few AMAZING pieces of work Mrs Coleman wanted […]
    • Black History Month October 7, 2020
      This morning Onyx class have been thinking deeply about how people in society are treated. We wrote diary entries as if we were someone who was treated differently and how they might make a stand and get people to see them as an equal. We then watched a Newsround special based on Black History Month […]
    • Safer Internet Day Next Tuesday! February 6, 2020
      How will you keep safe? Get involved at home in Safer Internet Day. There are loads of really great resources online! Give some of them a try!
    • YOUNG VOICES 2020 February 6, 2020
      On Friday the whole of KS2 attended the Young Voices Concert at Manchester Arena! We sang along-side over 8000 other children to an audience of family and friends. We performed with Ruti Olajugbagbe , who was the winner of The Voice in 2018, The Shires and Tony Hadley, a member of the band Spandau Ballet. […]
    • Curriculum Morning January 22, 2020
      Thank you so much to all the parents who attended this morning. The children and staff really enjoyed sharing their learning with you !
    • Year 6 working hard on Percentages January 7, 2020

    The pace in which the children are required to learn and the challenging objectives make Year 5, and particularly Year 6 a demanding year. In order for children to feel ready for life at secondary school, it is essential that they leave us with key skills in core areas.

    If we can picture a successful Year 5/6 learner, they have certain personal qualities that enable them to shine. Firstly, they have become self reflective learners. They know their own strengths and celebrate these with pride.

    They have recognised how they learn best and play to their strengths across the curriculum. Yet, these children also know their areas for personal development, ask for help when needed, and recognise ways in which they can support themselves to make progress.

    Essentially, the most successful children show self-resilience, understanding that we learn from our mistakes, and they are driven by self-motivation. These qualities coupled with a small dose of patience and persistence will enable them to tackle even the most difficult of challenges.

    Information on SATs is provided to parents and children once children are in Year 6 – a copy of the 2018/9 presentation can be found here:PPT-SATs-advice-parental-meeting-school.  Booster Clubs after school also take place in the spring and summer terms. Further information can be found here.


    The links below are useful sites for educational games and activities:







    Further information is provided in the ‘meet the teacher’ presentation at the start of the year.

    For useful links for games and activities please see links below or the Kidszone section of the website.

    Also, BBC Bitesize has a Primary Catch Up Programme.

    Oaks Academy also has a large range of lesson, online videos to support children’s learning.