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    Welcome to the School Office

    Mrs Cotterell – as depicted by one of our children! 

    Welcome to the School Office, the ‘hub’ of the school, led by our Bursar, Mrs Jan Cotterell  and supported by Mrs Sarah Newton.

    We keep in regular contact with our Parents via the weekly School Newsletter (which includes key dates), and via texts. Parents also receive class information directly from the class teacher. Latest class letters can be found using the links below:

    Most communication is sent via our ‘Teachers to Parents’ system, which is one-way. Questions for teachers can be added into your child’s school diary (with a gentle reminder to hand it in!) If you have any other questions please call in, call us, or send an email

    If you change your details, please ensure you update them with us, so that we can keep you up to date with news from school.

    Please find below forms for download:

    Mrs S Newton – as depicted by one of our children!

    For the latest school letters, please click below :

    For requests for holidays during term time please refer to the Attendance page.

    If your child is absent (e.g. a medical appointment), please let us know in advance, or in the case of sickness on the morning of the absence.  This can be done by calling school or by email. 

    Further information on the holding, storage and usage of data, and a copy of the Privacy Policy can be found here.